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Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer.

Source: Photo: (gorodenkoff/getty images)

DELPHI, Ind. — A new court filing shows demands being made to prosecutors from Richard Allen’s defense attorneys as we get closer to a trial date in the Delphi murders case.

The filing shows that Allen’s lawyers are demanding the judge set a deadline for prosecutors to turn over all evidence they have to the defense. The reason they want this deadline is because they claim prosecutors have been slow-rolling their process of turning over evidence the last few months.

With that, they also want the deadline because they believe State Police have reopened their investigation into the murders in order to look into the theory that the deaths of Abby Williams and Libby German may have been some sort of ritualistic sacrifice connected to Odinism.

The defense team says they have received several audio files of interviews by troopers in August with people who claim to be members of the ancient Nordic religious cult. They believe more evidence is coming out supporting their theory.

Allen’s lawyers say they are still waiting on more audio files of interviews conducted by investigators.

They would like Judge Gull to set a deadline of November 1st to have all the aforementioned evidence turned over to the defense. The defense said without that deadline, it would be difficult for them to give Richard Allen a proper defense.

Allen’s trial date is January 1st, 2024.