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Sarah Duncan mugshot

Source: Vanderburgh County Jail / other

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A teacher in Evansville is in jail for bringing drugs to a family event at the school where she teaches.

Parents and students were enjoying themselves at a family fun night at Helfrich Park STEM Academy, that was until some of the kids found a scrunchie that Sarah Duncan had taken out of her hair.

Duncan was an 8th-grade teacher at the school.

Court documents say that as some students were cleaning up after the event, they found the scrunchie which had a zipper pouch. Inside that pouch was a vile of white powder.

Another teacher called the police when the student brought the vile to them. When police got there they were told by a janitor that they had seen Duncan frantically searching for a hair tie of some kind.

The cops tested the powder and it came back positive for methamphetamine.

Two days later Duncan was drug tested at a clinic and after two inconclusive tests because the samples weren’t the right temperature, a third test came back positive that she had been using meth.

Duncan was fired from the school and arrested by police. She was charged with meth possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.