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INDIANAPOLIS — A man wielding a machete on the northwest side of Indianapolis was shot and killed by IMPD officers late Sunday evening.

The incident first began shortly before 7 p.m. near 46th and Moller Road when police were called on a welfare check. Police say an elderly woman pushed an emergency alert button after a man threatened to kill her.

The cops got there to find a man just outside the front door of a home along Woodland Drive. He appeared to be going through some sort of mental episode.

“I mean he was just shouting different types of explicits,” said township trustee Annette Johnson, who was there observing most of the incident. “Kind of talking a little far out, far off. So you thought that something was going on there. Then he had some type of weapon in his hand. A machete or something.”

That’s exactly what IMPD was able to confirm as SWAT officers were called in to try and defuse the situation through non-lethal means.

However, at around 9 p.m., SWAT tried bean bag rounds, a taser, and even pepper ball rounds to try and subdue the man. It didn’t work as the man came at the officers with the machete, even making contact with a SWAT shield.

That’s when one of the SWAT officers fired their gun fatally wounding the man.

Police added that this is the second time they’ve been called to the home where this all happened in the last week. On August 25th they were also called on a welfare check to the house about a man who was schizophrenic and sending strange messages to his family.