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Jefferson Shreve

Source: Parker Carlson WIBC 

INDIANAPOLIS–Republican candidate for Indianapolis Mayor Jefferson Shreve announced his plan to fight crime in both Indianapolis and Marion County Thursday morning.

“We’ll seek to raise the legal age to buy a firearm in Marion County from 18 to 21. We’ll seek the repeal of permit less carry we’ll seek a ban on assault weapons sales,” said Shreve in a news conference.

That’s the same plan the Indianapolis City-County Council just approved, but Shreve claims there is a difference between Hogsett and himself.

“Unlike Joe Hogsett, who has been absent throughout his administration and waited seven and a half years to announce a plan to combat Indianapolis’ epidemic of violent crime, my plan comes just two months after I won the primary election,” Shreve said. “When I’m your mayor, I will take personal responsibility for our city’s public safety results.”

He says the law should apply where people are routinely present and would be endangered by discharged bullets.

“The penalty for violation of this ordinance should be the maximum allowable under state law ($2,500 for the first offense and $7,500 for each subsequent offense),” said Shreve.

Other parts of Shreve’s plan include the following:

-Appoint a public safety director who will start on the first day of the Shreve administration. This person’s sole focus will be the security of lives and property.

-Hire 300 IMPD officers to fill all budgeted positions and ensure they have the training and support to do their jobs.

-Get serious about getting violent offenders off our streets. Shreve says eight years ago, IMPD’s solve rate was 80%; today it’s closer to 30%.

-Address root-cause issues of crime, including more mental health resources.

-Hold people accountable. Shreve says he will take personal responsibility for the results of his plan and provide transparency into every aspect of Indianapolis’ public safety, including the actions of police, the prosecutor and criminal court justices.