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ay FBI Director Christopher Wray, refused to answer any of the questions various Republican congressman threw his way.

On Wednesday there was a congressional hearing held to question Director Wray. Republicans went at him hard, while criticizing the bureau. While the questions were harsh, but they were warranted.

Wray did not answer any of the questions he was asked. He consistently side-stepped questions.

He did not answer the questions on President Donald Trump’s investigation. Wray did not answer any questions on the investigation into Hunter Biden, who recently plead guilty to misdemeanor federal tax charges. During the intense back and forth between the Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee and Wray, he rejected the idea that the FBI favored the Biden family.

The FBI released a memo recently about traditional and radical Catholics. When he was asked to describe the difference between the two, he did not answer the question. Instead, he said he was not an expert on Catholics. Wray also would not allow Congress to speak to the person who wrote the memo until after the FBI does an internal review.

He said the belief that the FBI was involved in the January 6 attack was “ludicrous.” He refused to answer a simple question asking if there were “one or more” individual employees or people the FBI had made contact with, in or around the Capitol.

Wray simply, refused to answer any of the pressing questions that the American people both want and deserve to know the answers to.

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