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Richard Allen mugshot

Source: Carroll County Jail / other

DELPHI, Ind. — The trial of accused Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen has been set.

January 8th, 2024 is the beginning of a trial years in the making. Allen was arrested in October of 2022, charged with the murders of teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German in 2017.

Allen appeared in court Thursday wearing a bright, yellow jumpsuit with body armor on top. His legal team has asked Special Judge Fran Gull to throw out certain ballistics evidence in the case. She’ll make a ruling on that at a later date.

Ballistics evidence is just part of the reason why Carroll County prosecutors felt they had enough evidence to go after Allen last year. In a redacted probable cause affidavit, police found an unfired bullet near the bodies of Williams and German. Prosecutors say that bullet matches Allen’s gun.

Allen apparently told police that no one touches the gun but him, and that he’s owned it for years.

Also in court Thursday, Allen’s legal team and prosecutors both brought up “incriminating” comments Allen apparently has made while in state prison. Allen’s legal team says that’s due to the mental stress he’s been put through while in state custody. They want Allen out of state prison and moved back to a county jail near Delphi.