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Chris Beaty wearing sunglasses and a Pacers polo

Source: (PHOTO: WISH-TV)

INDIANAPOLIS — Three people have been found guilty of Murder, nearly three years after their victim was killed.

38-year-old Chris Beaty was shot and killed in May of 2020.  Marcus Anderson, Alijah Jones and Nakeyah Shields were found guilty of his murder early Friday morning.

A fourth suspect, who was killed the same night as Beaty, was identified as Dorian Murrell.  Officers saw a fifth suspect in some surveillance footage, but they have yet to identify that person.

Police say Beaty was killed while people in the city were reacting to the death of George Floyd.  They think he was trying to help someone who was being robbed, when the robbers turned on him instead.

The three convicted have also been charged with multiple counts of Armed Robbery.  They should be sentenced next month.