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Title 42 ended on Thursday, and there has been a lot of anticipation as to what would happen to the border after it ended.

The situation is much tamer than people were expecting. Before Thursday there were 22,000 migrants awaiting processing.

A large part of that is because of Texas Governor Greg Abbot. He ordered 10,000 Texas national guardsmen and 1,200 public safety troopers deployed to assist Border Patrol agents as thousands of migrants rushed to cross the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of Title 42 expiring.

Another potential reason as to why the border is not in pure chaos right now, is due to Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas and Title 8.

Title 8 contained all of the border crossing rules before the pandemic and Title 42 occurred.

One of those rules being that if migrants cross into the United States illegally, they will face a 5-year entry ban to the U.S.

Title 8 is in full effect and is tougher on migrants than Title 42 was.

The border still needs work, but it has handled the rush on the border better than people thought.

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