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Kegan Kline mugshot

Source: PHOTO: Miami County Jail / PHOTO: Miami County Jail

MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. — You won’t get to see accused child porn suspect Kegan Kline in the courtroom when he pleads guilty to all twenty-five charges.

Tuesday, Judge Timothy Spahr of the Miami County Circuit court decided against allowing news media cameras inside for Kline’s sentencing on May 18th. Indiana judges now have the option to allow news media to film inside of a courtroom, but under certain restrictions.

Judge Spahr, explained in greater detail in his officially ruling below, says he doesn’t feel this particular case is the best one for the debut of cameras in this Miami County court. Spahr cited the graphic sexual content that would likely be shown and discussed in front of cameras as the main reason behind his ruling.

Kegan Kline changed his plea to guilty on all twenty-five charges of child porn possession and child solicitation. Kline is believed to be the man behind the fake social media cat phish profile called “anthony_shots”, which investigators say Kline used time and time again to lure young children into giving him sexual content.

That account may have also been used to message Liberty German before she and Abigail Williams were murdered in Delphi back in 2017. Richard Allen of Delphi was later arrested for that murder. His case is still ongoing.

Kline has never been officially charged in the Delphi murders case.

Indiana State Police told WIBC they will continue to investigate any connection Kegan Kline may have with the Delphi murders case.

Judge Spahr’s ruling: “The May 18, 2023 hearing in this case is being held for the sentencing of the Defendant as to 25 separate offenses to which he has pleaded guilty. Among those offenses are one count of Child Solicitation, a Level 5 Felony; eight counts of Child Exploitation, a Level 5 Felony; and 11 counts of Possession of Child Pornography, four as a Level 5 Felony and seven as a Level 6 Felony. Given the nature of the offenses involved, there is the possibility that references will be made during said hearing to sexually explicit materials and/or sexually explicit conduct. Thus, the Court considers this to be a less-than-ideal set of circumstances for the breaking of new ground in Miami County in the realm of the recording and broadcasting of court proceedings by members of the news media.”