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PETA people used to be a little weird, but now they are really weird. They want people in New York to not kill the rats in their city.

Rats are literally walking diseases. They need to be rid of. Currently the answer to that is to kill the rats. PETA activists though, say the answer is to fix New York City’s garbage issue. In PETA’s eyes, if they fix the garbage issue, they can save the rats.

PETA’s communications director Ashley Byrne has lived in Brooklyn for 13 years. She says, “We have a disgusting human behavior problem, not a rat problem.”

The garbage issue is a legit concern in all five boroughs through New York City, but there are over eight million people that live in the city. There is going to be trash.

Rats are going to be present. Rats carry sickness on their backs like an Amazon truck that carries packages. There is plenty to go around.

Rats need to be killed because of the diseases they carry. Sorry PETA, but people’s health is more important than how a rat feels.

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