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You know that person in your family that you have to walk on eggshells around, so they do not get upset? That is the LGBTQ community.

Natalia Villalobos is the New York Times’ vice president of inclusion, strategy and execution. She is being attacked by the LGBTQ community for a message she sent via Slack, a communication platform popular in workplaces.

In the message she was encouraging the employees of the New York Times to use specific Slack channels. The channel they had been voicing their concerns in was not for voicing concerns, so Villalobos pointed them in a direction that would allow to get in touch with HR and people who could help them.

She was trying to help. Yet, she was met with backlash. LGBTQ workers at the New York Times said they felt “disrespected.”

How dare Villalobos try to do her job and help you.

Tony Katz went further in depth on the story this morning. You can hear his full thoughts by clicking the link below.