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AVON, Ind. — A man from Avon, Indiana, has been arrested on charges of child seduction, child molestation, and child exploitation. Matthew Duran, 18, a volunteer youth football coach, is accused of molesting a preteen boy and taking nude photographs of him.

The police began investigating Duran on February 27 after an officer for Avon Schools was notified that Duran may have been sending inappropriate messages to a preteen boy. Duran reportedly served as a volunteer coach for a youth football team, and the victim was one of the players on the team.

According to court documents, Duran had been communicating with the child via various online applications and frequently visited the preteen at his home. The child’s parents initially believed that Duran was a good mentor to their son. However, Duran had sent unnerving messages to the preteen, including telling him that he loved him and using a photograph of the minor as his background. Duran also allegedly told the preteen to delete messages and videos “so your mom doesn’t see.”

Investigators discovered that Duran had nude photographs of the victim and had sent them to the preteen. Duran is also accused of fondling the child over his clothing at the boy’s home in 2022.

Avon Schools confirmed that Duran briefly served as a substitute teacher but was terminated after just two substitute shifts due to concerns about his behavior outside of school.

Duran was relieved of his duties on the football team after the head football coach was informed about Duran’s inappropriate communications with the victim.

Duran is being held in the Hendricks County Jail. If convicted, he could face between three and sixteen years in prison for his most serious charge.