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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Lucian Boboia, a pediatric dentist, has been sentenced to 5 years of probation for obtaining controlled substances, including fentanyl, by fraud or deception.

In March 2021, Boboia acquired a dental practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and began seeing patients a month later. As the only dentist at the practice, he was authorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to order and administer controlled substances in line with his dental practice.

However, in August 2021, the DEA’s Diversion Control Division began investigating allegations that Boboia was illegally obtaining controlled substances and taking measures to conceal this activity. Investigators discovered that Boboia was ordering shipments of controlled substances, including fentanyl and midazolam, to be delivered to his office on a weekly basis. He instructed staff members not to open the packages, and it was later reported that fentanyl was not used on patients.

During an administrative inspection of the dental practice in August 2021, investigators obtained records involving controlled substances, such as receiving, dispensing, and inventory records, as well as all controlled substances physically located at the practice.

From March to July 2021, Boboia ordered and received approximately 1,700 vials of fentanyl, about 600 bottles and vials of midazolam, and about 200 diazepam tablets. Only a small portion of the midazolam was administered to patients, leaving the remainder of the controlled substances unaccounted for.

As part of the administrative process, Boboia voluntarily surrendered his DEA registrations, and his dental license has been placed on indefinite probation for a minimum of five years. He was also required to close his practice. According to DEA data, Boboia was the second highest purchaser of fentanyl by a dentist in the United States from January through August 2021. During the same time, he was the top fentanyl purchaser among dentists in Indiana, purchasing almost three times as much fentanyl as the next-highest dentist.