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Houchin-Unfinished Border Wall

WASHINGTON — Indiana’s 9th District Republican Congresswoman Erin Houchin visited the southern border with Mexico to see the crisis first-hand.

Monday, Rep. Houchin went to Uvalde and Eagle Pass, Texas to speak with community members and border patrol agents who regularly deal with the border crisis.

“We heard from ranchers who used to warn their children to look out for rattlesnakes and are now far more concerned of encounters with illegal migrants,” Rep. Houchin said in a press release, “We heard from law enforcement and border patrol agents alike that the cartels in Mexico have more resources to evade capture than they have to ensure safety.”

Rep. Houchin says that 220 of her constituents in Indiana died from Fentanyl overdoses last year, which is why she believes “the Biden border crisis has made every state, including Indiana, a border state.”

“My role in this is to try to get as much information about the impact of the southern border on my constituents in Southern Indiana. And then to work with whoever will work with me – Republicans or Democrats – to finally once and for all secure the border and start to get us on a path to restore our sovereignty,” Rep. Houchin said while speaking to Tony Katz on WIBC.

Republicans don’t control the Senate or White House, so Rep. Houchin says she’s looking to Democrats to cross the isle and join them in enacting legislation. “… we have been calling on the President to not roll Title 42, to join Republicans to fix this issue…”