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Attorney General Todd Rokita

STATEWIDE — Indiana’s attorney general is in court this week taking on a familiar foe for many state’s attorneys general: TikTok.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita filed a lawsuit against TikTok in December of 2022, claiming the app pretends to be safe for children, but in reality, it promotes drugs, alcohol, and sex. He claims the app is trying to corrupt kids.

“I know the struggle as the father of two boys,” Rokita says in a video message, “as the attorney general of Indiana, I want to do everything in my power to preserve the innocence of our kids.”

Specifically, Rokita’s suit claims TikTok is misleading children by suggesting it’s a kid-friendly app. According to the second suit, Rokita claims TikTok contains “reams” of very sensitive data and personal information about users located in Indiana, claiming the data is safe with the app’s Chinese parent company.

“We’re going to court this week, asking for a preliminary injunction. I look forward to proving our claims and holding TikTok accountable under Indiana law.”