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INDIANAPOLIS — After reading this story, you may want to wait a while before eating.

Health inspectors say they found something rather unpleasant – and unsanitary – in the cafeteria at Ben Davis High School.  The meal spot was closed Monday because mice had been getting in through a gap in the door and leaving their waste.

Marion County Public Health Department inspectors found the droppings in places such as the kitchen, a walk-in cooler, and a storage room.  However, they did not see any mice running around the room.

For students who were hoping to grab school lunch Monday, Ben Davis offered pre-packaged food that was not contaminated.

(082710 West Roxbury, MA) The school lunches chef Kirk Conrad prepares for his kids, August 27, 2010, West Roxbury, MA. (Staff photo by John Wilcox)

Source: MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images / Getty

After an overnight deep-clean, the cafeteria was ready to welcome students again Tuesday.  A spokesperson for the Wayne Township Schools said the gap in the door would also be fixed Tuesday.

Health inspectors will check the cafeteria and kitchen again at some point this week, to make sure the problem is not returning.