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Comfort food is a term for dishes that evoke nostalgia, warmth, and satisfaction.  Oftentimes, these foods remind us of fond memories or occasions. Many people turn to comfort food for a shot of dopamine. Comfort foods make us feel good. In Indiana, one restaurant has been named as the best place in the state to receive contentment.

Excited Couple Moving Into New Home Celebrating Sitting On Floor Eating Takeaway Pizza

LoveFood has made a list of the best mom and pop restaurants serving comfort food across the country. In Indiana, comfort food apparently means pizza.

Which Restaurant in Indiana Provides the Most Comfort?

According to LoveFood, the place to seek enjoyment via food is Rocco’s Restaurant in South Bend.

Located at 537 N. Saint Louis Boulevard, Rocco’s Restaurant offers pasta imported from Italy, homemade sauces and the reason you go…pizza created with the freshest ingredients.

In 1951, when the restaurant opened it was small – just enough seating for 12. But Calabrian Rocco, his wife Julia and their daughter turned their pleasure of providing exceptional hospitality to the people of South Bend into boom. It became a success and now their reputation keeps growing with seating for 150.

Little girl eating pizza Margherita at the restaurant

Today, the establishment is under the watchful eye of the Verteramo family. However, after 70 years, the tradition of serving delicious Italian recipes continues.

If you crave comfort food, at Rocco’s Restaurant you’ll get a helping of Notre Dame, bubbling pepperoni and an abundance of delight.