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“I don’t have memories.”

Tony Katz has little to no memory of his middle school, high school, or college days.

It turns out high school and college was not the highlight of Katz’s life. As many people know high school is not what the movies make it out to be.

Luckily for Katz he does not remember too much of it. Self-proclaimed psychologist Matt Bair theorizes that perhaps Katz had some traumatic experiences that his mind blocked out because he does not want to remember it.

So, what could have happened to a young Tony Katz? Was he bullied in high school? According to Katz he was not, but he has little to no memory of his high school days so who knows if he can even remember the bullying.

Either way, it is a mystery that will never be solved. It is disappointing that Katz does not remember what could have been the best or worst years of his life, but it is a blessing that he remembers what his dad said about women named Ruth.