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Joseph Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy hold joint press conference in Kyiv

During a surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday, President Biden announced that the U.S. will be providing nearly $500 million in additional security assistance to Ukraine in its war against Russia.

The package includes additional rocket system ammunition, mortar and artillery rounds, radar equipment, anti-armor weaponry, four Bradley Fighting Vehicles, two tactical vehicles for equipment recovery, Claymore anti-personnel mines, demolition munitions, night-vision equipment, communications equipment, medical supplies, spare parts and other field equipment.

Biden also highlighted a new round of sanctions to be announced later in the week targeting “elites and companies that are trying to evade sanctions and backfill Russia’s war machine.”

The president spent roughly five hours on Monday in Kyiv meeting with Zelensky and emphasizing the importance of support for Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia, which invaded Ukraine roughly one year ago.

“Putin thought Ukraine was weak and the West was divided. He thought he could outlast us. He was just plain wrong,” Biden tweeted. “One year later, here we stand together – united with the people of Ukraine.”

The U.S. has committed at least $25 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the start of the Biden administration, according to the Pentagon.