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Mugshot of Michael Karnuth


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ind.-A motorcycle gang member from North Vernon was found guilty of murder this week and will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Investigators say the case began June 22, 2021. On that day, they say Michael J. “Billy Goat” Karnuth of North Vernon was one of several men who went to a man’s house on John Deere Road in Dupont to confront him about having tattoos and patches belonging to two motorcycle clubs even though he did not belong to either of those clubs.

There was a shootout. A man named Dustin B. “Kutter” Lindner was shot in the chest and later died. Police say Lindner was a member of the “Pagans” motorcycle gang.

Karnuth and the other four people who went to the home were members of the “Warlocks” motorcycle gang. The other four people are facing several charges. Both clubs are viewed as outlaw biker gangs by law enforcement and have long histories of violent crime and drug trafficking.

Police haven’t said anything about the man who was in the house, but he is believed to be alive and has not been charged.

Investigators say Karnuth traveled to Philadelphia to obtain information about the man before planning the attack. After the shooting, police say the gang members left the house in two cars and crashed into each other on John Deere Road. They got rid of guns, gang paraphernalia, and tried to dispose of one of the cars before being caught.

Police later recovered the guns in cornfields and in other bodies of water.

Karnuth was later arrested while hiding at a known Warlock house in Rising Sun.

Karnuth could get anywhere between 90 and 130 years in prison. Not only was he found guilty of murder Monday, but he was also found guilty of attempted burglary committed while armed with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery committed while armed with a deadly weapon, and obstruction of justice.

Karnuth will be sentenced March 15 at 2 pm.