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Eggs have been in the news lately. More accurately, eggflation has been the topic of many conversations, especially after a trip to the grocery store. According to, the wholesale cost of a dozen eggs is about $3.30 now in the U.S. and more than $7 in some states.

What’s behind egg-flation?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, soaring egg costs are due to both increased demand and pervasive avian flu outbreaks. Over 50 million birds have been infected with the virus as of January 2023 which has left them, and their eggs unfit for human consumption.

Egg contraband is even piling up at the southern border. At the San Ysidro crossing between San Diego and Tijuana, hundreds and hundreds of eggs are sitting behind closed doors. According to Rosie Maizuss, chief agricultural specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the eggs will be destroyed because they can potentially carry HPAI, better known as bird flu.

Eggs on the sacks,Hemp on the wooden and straw,Romania

Indiana farmer Ryan Schleman was on the Kendall & Casey Show explaining that his family farm was victim to the avian flu which resulted in a loss of dozens of chickens and hens.  Schleman stated that egg-flation will be with us for a while. He also presented some other fun egg facts.

Over easy fried eggs

Indiana’s Favorite Way To Eat Eggs?

Using Google Trends, Zippia determined what preparation each state eats. The experts claim that Indiana’s favorite way to eat eggs is over-easy.

  • Scrambled are the most popular way to eat eggs by far with 18 states choosing that as a favorite.
  • Sunny side up is second most popular with 14 states digging the cheerful concoction.
  • 8 other states also like over-easy eggs.
  • 8 states made the choice of poached eggs.
  • Hard boiled may be the darling of Easter, but no states like them best.
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Let’s get cracking…

Here’s a run-down of how the country separates:

  • Alabama – Scrambled
  • Alaska – Scrambled
  • Arizona – Over Easy
  • Arkansas – Scrambled
  • California – Sunny Side Up
  • Colorado – Over Easy
  • Connecticut – Sunny Side Up
  • Delaware – Poached
  • District of Columbia – Hard-Boiled
  • Florida – Over Easy
  • Georgia – Sunny Side Up
  • Hawaii – Scrambled
  • Idaho – Over Easy
  • Illinois – Soft Boiled
  • Indiana – Over Easy
  • Iowa – Scrambled
  • Kansas – Sunny Side Up
  • Kentucky – Sunny Side Up
  • Louisiana – Scrambled
  • Maine – Poached
  • Maryland – Sunny Side Up
  • Massachusetts – Poached
  • Minnesota – Over Easy
  • Mississippi – Scrambled
  • Missouri – Scrambled
  • Montana – Poached
  • Nebraska – Scrambled
  • Nevada – Sunny Side Up
  • New Hamshire – Scrambled
  • New Jersey – Sunny Side Up
  • New Mexico – Over Easy
  • New York – Sunny Side Up
  • North Carolina – Scrambled
  • North Dakota – Poached
  • Ohio – Sunny Side Up
  • Oklahoma – Soft-Boiled
  • Oregon – Poached
  • Pennsylvania – Over Easy
  • Rhode Island – Scrambled
  • South Carolina – Sunny Side Up
  • South Dakota – Scrambled
  • Tennessee – Scrambled
  • Texas – Sunny Side Up
  • Utah – Scrambled
  • Vermont – Poached
  • Virginia – Scrambled
  • Washington – Scrambled
  • West Virginia – Scrambled
  • Wisconsin – Sunny Side UP
  • Wyoming – Poached