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ZIONSVILLE, Ind.--Republican candidate for Mayor of Zionsville John Stehr says he has a three-part comprehensive plan for Zionsville over the next 15 years if elected. He calls it “Zionsville 2040.”

“When I set out to run for mayor, I did it with a purpose – I want to make Zionsville more competitive with nearby Central Indiana towns when it comes to economic growth while preserving the charm that is uniquely ‘Zionsville.’ The goals and priorities outlined in my ‘Zionsville 2040’ plan are how my administration will achieve that purpose,” said Stehr.

Stehr’s “Zionsville 2040” plan includes specific goals in public safety, economic development, and marketing and communication.

“Between 2018 and 2022, our police department did not add any new patrol positions while our population increased by about 5% per year,” said Stehr in one of his “Zionsville 2040” videos he recently released.

Stehr wants Zionsville to commit to a five-year plan where they increase the number of officers on patrol so they can get closer to the FBI standards of a town Zionsville’s size.

“Our fire department also needs our help to continue meeting response times to continue making our firefighters and paramedics more effective. That means replacing outdated equipment, ongoing training, and capturing land now for future fire stations to serve the newly developed parts of Zionsville,” said Stehr.

If elected, Stehr says he would also focus on mental health.

“We need specific training for our first responders to help de-escalate and manage situations that could lead to bad outcomes, the people in crisis, and their neighbors,” said Stehr.

Stehr wants to make Zionsville the safest community in Indiana and keep it there. He says he’s already visited with more than 2,000 voters.

You can watch Stehr’s video series below

Zionsville 2040: Public Safety – YouTube