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FISHERS — Library board members in Hamilton County are sparking a debate…about children’s books.

WISH TV reports that the Hamilton East Public Library is planning to make changes to the way certain books are classified.  Currently, the library board is looking into nonfiction children’s books and teen graphic novels.

Called the Collection Development Policy, this plan lists out criteria that would require certain books marketed for children or teens to be moved to the adult section.  These criteria include some examples of profanity, sexual content, substance use, and violence.

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One of the books mentioned that could be moved as part of this policy is Why? by Taye Diggs.  This is a children’s book that discusses racial and social justice.

It is not clear exactly how many books will be impacted, but novels marketed toward teenagers often include mature content.  Depending on how the books are analyzed against the listed criteria, teens could see a noticeable percentage of their books in a different part of the library.

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However, not everyone supports this shift.  Some parents think moving the books would negate the librarians’ purpose and does not take into account that parents monitor their children’s entertainment.

Other proposed plans have included creating a “parents’ and teachers’ section” where certain children’s books can be stored separately while still being in the children’s area.

You can learn more about the Hamilton East Public Library, and how to contact its board members, at