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Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears

MARION COUNTY, Ind. — The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office found itself in dozens of headlines throughout 2022. Now, the prosecutor’s office is taking the first step and making it’s priorities clear.

In a press release issued Tuesday, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office laid out its top four priorities in this legislative session. The prosecutor’s office, and more specifically Prosecutor Ryan Mears, became the center of attention in the conversation of record homicide and murder stats in Indianapolis.

Priority number one for the prosecutor’s office is clearing up the legal language when it comes to Glock switches, which the office describes as “small devices that allow a conventional semi-automatic pistol function as a fully automatic machine gun.” The current language is unclear and inadequate, says the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor’s office also supports a bill bumping up the punishment for people charged with animal cruelty. Plus, the office wants to back legislation that makes it easier for Hoosiers to obtain driver’s licenses.

Arguably the most significant cause the prosecutor’s office chooses to support is abortion rights. Prosecutor Mears is on record saying he will not criminalize women or doctors involved in an abortion, calling it a right to choose.

Creating a standalone hate crime law and legalizing marijuana are two other priorities for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. Whether or not any of the above are set in stone in Indiana law remains to be seen.