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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT launched in November and has since received 1 million users. Created by the Elon Musk-funded research lab, OpenAI, ChatGPT answers questions input by human users. It’s more conversational than a search engine because it can learn how to respond based on previous details from the conversation. It is optimizing language models for dialogue.

This new AI tool can tell stories and write code. Harvard Business Journal states, “It has the potential to take over certain roles traditionally held by humans, such as copywriting, answering customer service inquiries, writing news reports, and creating legal documents.”

It will spit out code and even write a dissertation for you.  (Look out High School English Teachers). However, the OpenAI will not give out an opinion…yet.

I was curious and put ChatGPT to work. I asked it to “write an article about the top restaurants in Indianapolis.” ChatGPT quickly produced an article listing 5 well known restaurants in Indy including St. Elmo Steak House. You might be as stunned as I when you consider this forthcoming text that was not created by a human. I asked the ChatGPT to do 5 tasks and these are the artificial intelligence results:

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Write an Article about Indiana in Shakespearean Style:

“In the fair land of Indiana, a great kingdom did reside. Its rolling hills and verdant forests were a sight to behold, and its people were known for their hard work and spirit of community.

At the heart of Indiana sat its magnificent capital, the city of Indianapolis. Here, in the center of the kingdom, did the rulers of Indiana hold court. They were wise and just rulers, loved by the people of the kingdom for their fair and equitable governance.

In Indianapolis, the streets were bustling with activity. Merchants and traders came from far and wide to sell their wares in the city’s vibrant markets. The people of Indianapolis were known for their industriousness and their love of life, and the city was filled with music, dance, and laughter.

But not all was well in the kingdom of Indiana. In the far reaches of the land, beyond the borders of Indianapolis, a great evil was stirring. A dark and powerful force had awoken, and it threatened to destroy all that the people of Indiana held dear.

The rulers of Indiana knew that they must take action. They called upon the bravest and strongest of their people to join together and defend the kingdom. A great army was formed, and they set out to vanquish the evil that threatened their land.

For many long and grueling months, the army of Indiana fought against the darkness. But their valiant efforts were not in vain. In the end, the evil was vanquished, and the kingdom of Indiana was saved.

The people of Indiana celebrated their victory with great fanfare. They held grand feasts and revelries, and the streets of Indianapolis were filled with the sounds of music and joy.

And thus, the kingdom of Indiana flourished once more, its people united in peace and prosperity.”

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Create a Nickname for Senator Todd Young:

“One possible nickname for Senator Todd Young could be “The Young Gun.” This nickname plays on Senator Young’s last name and also highlights his relative youth compared to many other politicians in Washington. It suggests that he is a rising star in the political world and someone to watch out for in the future.”

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Write an Article about Rock-N-Roll in Pirate Style:

“Ahoy, mateys! Set sail with me on a journey through the world of rock and roll. A genre of music that originated in the landlocked shores of the United States, rock and roll be a powerful force that has swept the seven seas and conquered the hearts of sailors and landlubbers alike.

Rock and roll be a heady mix of blues, country, and rhythm and blues, all brought together by the thunderous sound of electric guitars and drums. It first emerged in the 1950s, with scallywags like Chuck Berry and Little Richard leading the charge. These pirates of the musical world laid the groundwork for the rock and roll that we know today, with their fast-paced beats and rebellious spirit.

As rock and roll grew in popularity, it began to evolve and take on new forms. In the 1960s, bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones introduced a more polished and sophisticated sound to the genre, incorporating elements of classical music and psychedelia. This new sound be known as “rock,” and it had a profound influence on the development of other genres of music, including heavy metal and punk.

Today, rock and roll still be a popular genre of music, with a wide range of subgenres and styles. Classic rock, hard rock, and punk are just a few of the many subgenres that have emerged from the depths of the rock and roll ocean, and there be countless bands and artists still making music in these styles.

So, hoist the sails, me hearties, and let us set off on a voyage through the world of rock and roll. From the earliest pioneers of the genre to the latest bands making their mark, there be no denying the power and enduring appeal of rock and roll. Arrr!”

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Write A Song:

Verse 1: In the early morning light I rise and greet the day With a smile on my face And a song in my heart

Chorus: Life is a journey Full of twists and turns But I’ll keep on moving With the rhythm of my soul

Verse 2: I’ll face each challenge With courage and grace I’ll follow my dreams And chase them to the end

Chorus: Life is a journey Full of twists and turns But I’ll keep on moving With the rhythm of my soul

Bridge: I’ll keep on dancing Through the good and the bad I’ll keep on shining No matter what comes my way

Chorus: Life is a journey Full of twists and turns But I’ll keep on moving With the rhythm of my soul

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Give me Code for Java:

Here is a simple Java program that prints “Hello, world!” to the console:

public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println("Hello, world!");


You have to sign into ChatGPT with a username and password but if you want to give it a shot, click here.