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Richard Allen mugshot

DELPHI, Ind. — Richard Allen, Kegan Kline, public documents and “police sources” – Superintendent Doug Carter with Indiana State Police covered it all when discussing the 2017 Delphi murders investigation Tuesday.

“This case is unlikely any that I’ve seen in an almost 40-year career,” Superintendent Carter tells WIBC’s Hammer & Nigel, “there are so many different tentacles to this. Its very complex.”

Carter says Richard Allen is the man charged with the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, but detectives will continue to investigate anyone who may have a connection to the case – that includes Kegan Kline. He’s locked up in Miami County, facing 25 child porn charges.

The charging documents that would explain to the public why Allen was arrested are currently under seal due to an order signed off by a judge at the request of Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland. A hearing is set for November 22nd to determine if those documents will remain sealed or be made available to news media and the public.

At this point, Superintendent Carter believes releasing the documents would not jeopardize the case.

WIBC host Jason Hammer asked, “if that is allowed to be given to the public, is that going to compromise the case in any way?”

“No, I don’t think at this point it will,” responds Carter, “and I think it will answer a lot of the questions that people have.

“Will we find out how we got to this point with that information?” asks Hammer.

“We will, yeah. It’ll be much clearer,” responds Carter.

A consistent criticism of the Delphi murders investigation is that police have not/continue to not share many details about the case, whether it be cause of death, potential murder weapon(s), and other key facts that may be answered with those public charging documents. Some people criticize Carter for the “publicity” press conferences and constant television appearances.

Carter says he doesn’t blame the media for being frustrated, and he says he understands where people may be coming from with some of those accusations but says everything that he has done has been about keeping the case alive and at the front of the public’s mind, both here in Indiana and around the world. As for releasing certain details about the case, he says that’s strategic on the part of police.

“There are things that we know that only the killer would know, speaking generally,” says Carter, “it’s investigative strategy. Obviously, if we know what the killer knows and nobody else does, when we do talk to the killer, we’ll have a clearer idea of what occurred.”

That led to a discussion about the reporting since the announcement of Richard Allen’s arrest. Several news outlets have published articles about the Delphi murders investigation, citing anonymous sources and even “police sources.” Whether or not those stories turn out to be true, time will tell. But at this moment in time, it’s frustrating for Carter.

Carter explains, “it is frustrating, I will say yes. It is absolutely frustrating because we can’t talk about what we think, and I’ve said this many times before. You should expect us to only talk about what we know. And shame on us for saying something that might jeopardize that. So, whoever this ‘source’ is, I doubt very seriously that individual is a part of the core team.”

Richard Allen is currently being held inside a state facility for his own protection. Allen begged the court for help in an open letter, claiming he didn’t know how expensive it would be to hire his own legal defense team. Court records show Bradley Anthony Rozzi of Logansport will be the lead attorney, while Andrew Joseph Baldwin of Franklin will be co-counsel for Allen.

Judge Fran Gull of Allen County is special judge, appointed after the original special judge, Benjamin Diener recused himself from the case out of fear for his safety and the “bloodlust” of the public.