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Indianapolis Department of Public Works logo on the side of a truck

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is ready for the next round of snow.

The Indy Snow Force will have over 65 drivers hit the streets of the Circle City beginning Monday night at 11 o’clock, working 12-hour shifts all the way through Wednesday. More snow is expected to fall during that time.

“This next event will be better described as the first real weather event of the season,” says Ben Easley, Chief Communications Officer at Indianapolis Department of Public Works, “it is not quite all hands-on deck full force, so it’s right in line with what an event like this would be for us.”

The National Weather Service in Indianapolis predicts an inch of snow will fall over central Indiana, with more expected in southern Indiana. I-70 will make a difference in what you see over the next few days. Forecasters predict more snow to the north of I-70 and more rain and slush to the south.

The most important thing to remember is road safety, says Easley. Drivers should always check the radar before they hit the road, leave with plenty of time to spare, and make sure to stay three car lengths away from Snow Force trucks. Slippery roads are another danger to keep in mind.

“Certainly, make sure their [drivers] cars are prepared if they were to get stuck at any point,” Easley explains.

The Indy Snow Force Viewer Map will also be active tonight through Wednesday. The map allows drivers to call in which roads they’ve fully serviced, whether that be laying salt or plowing snow. Once the driver makes the call, the map will update, showing you what roads have been prepped for winter weather.