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INDIANAPOLIS–Frost advisories, watches, and warnings have been issued all across Indiana by the National Weather Service. Many areas of the state are expected to get frost both Saturday and Sunday.

There is, however, more likely to be frost in rural areas than urban ones.

“For example, downtown Indianapolis may retain the heat enough to where it’s not as much of a concern. It wouldn’t surprise me of some locations in the countryside and outlying areas get down to freezing overnight, but some of the urban areas will get anywhere lower than the mid-30s,” said Randy Bowers, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Frost can damage sensitive plants and vegetation.

“If those plants are not covered, they can be vulnerable to frost. If you cover the plants up, that will protect them somewhat. The problem is that some locations will get down to freezing, so when you cover the plants in those areas, it may not be enough. If they are outdoors, you’ll want to bring those indoors and protect them. For some of the other crops across the state, this may be the end of the growing season,” said Bowers.

Temperatures will cool down this weekend, but then warm back up early next week.

“It may get into the 70s by the time we get into Monday and later on, but by Thursday and Friday, it looks like we do this all over again with temperatures getting into the 50s and colder by those days. You may be using both the heat and the air conditioning in your home during this time,” said Bowers.