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DELPHI, Ind. — He claims he was having a seizure and was beaten and tased by cops. Now, he’s suing everyone, including police and the city of Delphi.

A lawsuit filed September 19th of 2022 by attorneys for Garland Gent says Gent had a epileptic seizure in front of a restaurant on or around September 18th of 2020. The lawsuit claims Gent has a “well-documented history of epilepsy.”

Two people saw Gent having a seizure and called 911. The first officer to arrive was Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy Drew Yoder, followed by Officer Jensyn Reef with the Delphi Police Department.

The lawsuit says Gent was in the postical phase of his seizure, which may cause temporary impairment, confusion and psychosis. Gent then apparently stood up and stumbled to a fence, and attempted to climb it, all while Officer Yoder told him to stop. Gent apparently told Yoder to leave him alone. That’s when Yoder and Officer Reef pulled Gent to the ground and tased him. Court documents claim Yoder knocked Gent’s teeth out by punching him in the face.

Gent was charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Now, officers Yoder and Reef have been sued by Gent. That lawsuit also names Delphi Police Officer Alex Parkinson, Delphi Police Chief Brook McCain, Sheriff Tobe Leazenby of Carroll County, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department, and the City of Delphi.

The lawsuit says the officers weren’t trained properly, and that the city nor police departments have appropriate training programs to deal with someone with disabilities.

Gent wants money to cover damages and legal fees. The trial is set for next month.