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In this Indiana museum, you won’t find famous works of art. You won’t find towering sculptures. You won’t find a collection of Greek antiquities. But, you will find preserved specimens–mostly brains. You’ll also discover an autopsy room.

exterior shot of Indiana medical History museum

Photo credit: Casey Daniels

What is The Indiana Medical History Museum?

The Indiana Medical History Museum is located on the grounds of the former Central State Hospital on the west side of Indianapolis. The heart of the museum is the Old Pathology Building, the oldest surviving pathology facility in the nation. The Building is on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum offers a look at the historical artifacts of Indiana’s medical past.

outdoor sign of Indiana Medical History Museum

photo credit: Casey Daniels

In operation until the 1960s, the Pathological Department was reborn as a museum in 1969 and its scientifically equipped interior was left intact.

Today, you can explore the teaching amphitheater; laboratories for bacteriology, clinical chemistry, histology, and photography; the library, reception room, and a records room.

exterior shot of the Indiana Medical History Museum

In addition to guided tours of the preserved Old Pathology Building, the museum offers special events, exhibits, and programs on a range of topics, including the history of science and medicine, mental health care past and present, and forensic science.

Indiana Medical History Museum

One of the highlights of the museum is The Medicinal Plant Garden. It’s maintained by Purdue Master Gardeners of Marion County. The garden features over 120 different medicinal plants, including trees, shrubs, and vines as well as annuals.

walway at Indiana medical History Museum

photo credit: Casey Daniels

The museum is located at 3270 Kirkbride Way in Indianapolis. The IMHM is open for tours by appointment. The Medical Plant Garden offers tours for large and small groups.  There is a $25 flat fee for groups of 15 or less. Additional fees will apply for larger groups. You can take a self-guided tour of the garden anytime during the Indiana Medical History Museum’s regular operating hours. For tour information, click here.


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