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The Kendall and Casey Show salutes the sacrifice and bravery of our armed forces. What we don’t care for is someone, who after six years in office, refuses to talk about their voting record.


Did you know United States Senator Todd Young was in the Marines? If you lived in Indiana in 2016, the answer is definitely yes. Mostly because Young spent about every nine seconds in television, radio, and digital ads such as these letting you know. Indiana’s senior senator did not talk a lot about what he planned to do, or how he would vote. But ad nauseum television viewers were reminded: Evan Bayh didn’t live in Indiana. Todd Young was a Marine.

Fast forward to 2022. The Duke of Spendingburg is up for re-election and back to the old tried and true. His first set of advertisements have hit the airwaves. But the strategy by Todd Young to win at the ballot box is not about his record. Not a mention of his votes to add roughly $11 trillion to the national debt. No word about his repeated “Yea” for unaccountable, fraud ladened programs such as PPP. Nothing about funding the federal government at record levels and deficits, including support of budgets under Joe Biden.

Todd Young’s first set of advertisements this year are as predictable as six years ago. Once again, Young is using his military service as a crutch to cover for his atrocious voting record. The Kendall and Casey Show has grown weary of six years of The Duke of Spendingburg using his military service to deflect from the harm his lack of judgement has caused the country. They want to hear why Young believes his votes for record deficits have had no impact on inflation, or why when Democrats add to the debt it’s bad, but when Republicans do it, it’s good. As Rob exclaimed to Casey:

You’re a pretty pathetic person, if after six years in office, all you have is, “I was in the Marines.”

Members of our military are owed a debt of gratitude for their service. That includes Todd Young. But just because someone served their country does not entitle them an automatic election victory. Voting records matter regardless of how one got to Washington. Todd Young’s stinks. He doesn’t want to discuss it.

Click the link below to hear Kendall and Casey challenge Senator Todd Young to use his next ad buy to discuss his votes and explain his decision to add roughly $11 trillion to the national debt.

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images