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INDIANAPOLIS — Four violent criminals were brought to justice this week, as the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced the convictions of all four.

The cases covered crimes including rape, child molestation, and domestic battery. Some of those cases included child victims, which can be some of the toughest cases to work, says Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears.

“When you’re dealing with child victims, those are always the most difficult just because it’s hard enough growing up and then to add the trauma of sexual abuse,” explains Mears.

But it’s a combination of those brave victims and adults who come forward with concerns of abuse that allow police to do their jobs, and hold criminals accountable.

“Well, for us the biggest thing is we were able to develop and maintain relationship with our victims and be able to keep them involved and engaged in the criminal justice process,” says Mears, “you always want to focus on the people who are most vulnerable members of your community, and that’s our children and people who are victims of sex offenses.”

Miguel Espinoza-Garcia was convicted Tuesday for child molesting and battery. Curtis Patterson was convicted Tuesday for criminal confinement and domestic battery. Wednesday, Alberto Gomez was convicted on three counts of child molesting. Also on Wednesday, Thomas Stone was confinement on three counts of rape, as well as criminal confinement and intimidation.

Prosecutor Mears says if you have any concern about abuse, especially sexual abuse against children, please contact proper authorities such as the Department of Child Services. That allows police to get the ball rolling on an investigation, with the endgame being bringing those crooks to justice.