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MT. COMFORT, Ind. — More millennials seem to be buying RVs in Indiana than usual.

At least, that’s according to the owner of Mt. Comfort RV in Hancock County. Ken Eckstein said that over the last year he has sold more RVs to people ages 18 to 34 and any other demographic.

“When you look at the millennials, they are much more outdoor people. They like hiking, they like boating, they like bicycling, and I think that plays right into what we offer here,” Eckstein said to WISH-TV.

At first, he said the surge was fueled by the COVID pandemic, people who usually would not consider buying an RV or camper were in search of something to do. One of the few things he says you could do was camp. That same group of people is still buying up RV’s nearly two years after the lockdowns were lifted.

Eckstein added that surging gas prices, inflation, and rising interest rates haven’t hampered sales either. He said in today’s age of always being on your phone, he feels millennials are taking RVs as a breath of fresh air.

“What we’re doing is selling a product that by design gets you away from that screen, gets you out with your family, with your loved ones, out with people, and you’re interacting in a very personal way,” Eckstein said.

Most of the world’s RVs are made in Elkhart, Indiana.