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MUNCIE, Ind. — The suspect in a home invasion is now tied to another shooting and threatening to kill an officer.

On Thursday, the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office added charges of intimidation and prisoner in possession of a deadly weapon on top of Devin Xavier Myers’ triple murder chargers.

Court documents say that while being held in the Delaware County Jail, Myers threatened a corrections officer with a shank and told them, “I’m going to get all you … before I go to (prison). I swear on my kids I’ll get you.”

On July 12 Myers, alonside Daniel Lamar Jones, allegedly shot and killed 19-year-old Kyler Ryand Musick. Disposing his body with the help of Myers’ girlfriend, Alexandra Reagan, at the Prairie Creek Resevior.

A day later Myers and Jones then went on to invade Musick’s home, killing two of his relatives: his grandfather Malcolm Perdue, and his great-aunt Kyndra Swift.

Now, an investigation into a June shootout revealed that Myers was involved in another death. An Anderson shootout that killed Landon Hill. The Madison County Prosecutor believes that Myers was the one who killed Hill, however, he also believes that shooting was in self-defense and so no extra charges will be filed.

Then the Madison County Prosecutor said Myers is believed to be responsible for the death of Landon Hill in a shootout, however that is believed to be self-defense so no charges will be filed.

Myers’ trial is January 6th.