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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s a nationwide operation that resulted in the arrests of over one thousand of the country’s most violent offenders, including plenty right here in the Circle City.

The U.S. Marshals Service Operation North Star lasted the entire month of June, and saw agents arrest violent offenders in Indianapolis, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington ,Memphis, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The offenders were wanted for crimes such as homicide, forcible sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated assault.

In a press release, Dan McClain, United States Marshal for the Southern District of Indiana said, “Relieving our communities of violent crime is our top priority. This operation, with the support of our state and local partners, has resulted in significant success towards that goal. Among the numerous arrests for violent crime, we were able to clear 14 homicide warrants.”

U.S. Marshals arrested 1,500 people in total, including 230 wanted for homicide and 131 wanted for sexual offenses. Police also snagged 166 guns, over 53,000-dollars in cash, and more than 30 kilos of illegal drugs.