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(Houston, TX) — Former Vice President and Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, is pointing fingers at the White House for skyrocketing gas prices. While speaking at Rice University in Houston Tuesday, he accused President Biden of using Putin’s war on Ukraine as a scapegoat for his own shortcomings.

“High gas prices and inflation are not the result of the war in Ukraine. High gas prices are the result of the war on energy, and the American people know it.”

Pence said that if the Biden Administration really wants to help out at the pump, they should get out of the way and stop restricting the oil and gas industry.

“We can bring energy prices down in a heartbeat if they would just get out of the way and let America’s energy producers do what they do best.”

As gas prices soar across the country, Gas Buddy says the average price per gallon is $4.42 in Indiana. Pence joked that he had to take out a mortgage just to fill up his tank.