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FORT WAYNE, Ind.–Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young said Friday morning that he will not be supporting Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Young said he met with Jackson in person.

“I appreciated Judge Jackson taking time to meet with me this week and respond to my questions, but I will be a no vote when her nomination comes to the Senate floor,” said Young.

Young said both Judge Jackson’s record and testimony during her confirmation hearings indicate that she does not adhere to originalism as her guiding judicial philosophy.

“Every nominee to our nation’s highest court deserves a thorough but fair vetting, which was not afforded to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. Restoring civility to the Supreme Court confirmation process is in our national interest. It can help rebuild trust in both the Court and the Senate itself. Throughout this process, I have taken my constitutional responsibilities seriously by researching Judge Jackson’s record and reviewing her testimony,” said Young.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham agreed with Young and will also vote no. Graham said Jackson is an “evasive witness” and called her a favorite of the “radical left.” Graham did vote for Jackson’s nomination to her current job on the federal court of appeals.

Jackson’s nomination is expected to move out of the Judiciary committee and win the approval of a vote of the full Senate.