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WASHINGTON–Pres. Biden said Tuesday morning the U.S. will ban imports on Russian oil. Biden made the announcement from the White House. He has been under pressure from both Democrats and Republicans, including from Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who was born in Soviet-controlled Ukraine.

Russia warned such a ban would have dire consequences, including higher oil prices. Russia could also cut off natural gas to much of Europe.

Biden said that the policies of his administration were not holding back oil production, blaming oil companies for not drilling.

“They have 9,000 permits to drill…on shore that are already approved,” he said. “This crisis is a stark reminder that we need to become energy independent.”

Biden also said people should transform their own energy usage toward clean fuels and electric vehicles.

Gas prices in Indiana were at a record $4.17 per gallon Tuesday morning, reported, while prices nationally were also at an all-time high.

“Today’s announcement is a needed step, but we must do more to help American consumers and strike a blow against Russia’s war machine,” said Sen. Todd Young, in response.

“Before turning to brutal regimes like Iran or Venezuela to replace Russian oil, we should open the spigot on American energy. Through smart energy production, we can fulfill our domestic needs while simultaneously exporting oil and gas to our allies and decreasing their dependence on Russian energy,” he said. “I urge the Administration to reverse its policies of the past fourteen months that have led to steadily increasing domestic energy prices and take sensible steps like reopening the Keystone pipeline and eliminating restrictions on U.S. oil and gas production. The price increases facing every American at the pump can be mitigated by accelerating production of our domestic energy resources.”

Sen. Mike Braun had similar thoughts.