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General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, admitted during a press briefing at the Pentagon Friday that the Russian troop buildup is similar to the days of the Cold War.

Milley stated the troop movements from Russia along the border with Ukraine is different than what the world has seen in recent years.

“In terms of what we’ve seen in the past from Russia exercises, etc. this is larger in scale and scope in the massing of forces than anything we’ve seen in recent memory. You’d have to go back quite a while to the Cold War days to see something of this magnitude.”

Tony Katz believes the best the interest for the US is to not get involved at all; however, Biden has ruined that option for the country.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that US intervention is not in the best interest for the United States. However, it has to be said clearly what the United States has done, the Afghanistan withdrawal (for example)… makes this rational decision, as I see it, not to get involved will makes us look weaker than we look already to Russia and China. That’s what Biden has done.”

Katz discusses the scope: