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Congressman André Carson cares more about the Democratic Party than Hoosiers. This was made clear after a Facebook live town hall Tuesday evening as he announced his top priority of 2022 is to end the filibuster.

Carson compared the use of the filibuster today to when it was problematically used during the Civil Rights movement.

 “The filibuster is the same tool that southern senators used to block Civil Rights bills in the 50s and 60s and unfortunately history is repeating itself. State legislatures are passing laws that restrict the right to vote by a simple majority, but Senate Democrats can’t do the same to pass laws that strengthen the right to vote.”

Tony Katz points out the hypocrisy in Carson’s comparison.

“If the filibuster is a racist tool why did the Democrats use it less than a month ago to stop sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, if it’s a racist, bigoted tool?”

The Congressman also stated that “ending the filibuster and passing these voting rights bills are one of my top priorities.”

Katz wants Republicans and Hoosiers to note that his priorities rest not in his loyalty to the state, but rather the left’s agenda.

“The story here is that Congressman André Carson is not focused on Hoosiers, he’s not focused on inflation, he’s not focused on bringing manufacturing. He’s focused on ending the filibuster because working for you is not his top priority. Working for the party is his top priority.

Katz challenges all Republicans to stand-up against Carson and call him out for his hypocrisy.