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It appears the Indiana Democrats along with Gov. Eric Holcomb owes a certain Attorney General an apology.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that starting Tuesday, hospitals will be required to provide separate numbers on how many people are hospitalized because of COVID-19 and patients admitted for other reasons, but tested positive while at the hospital with mild or asymptomatic cases. The idea is to clearly differentiate how many people are actually being hospitalized because of the coronavirus itself as opposed to lumping in everyone who happens to be positive.

So how does this relate to Holcomb and AG Todd Rokita?

Last week, the Attorney General stated he had no confidence that Indiana’s COVID hospitalization numbers were accurate. Governor Holcomb said he was “stunned and somewhat blindsided” that Rokita would question the state’s data.

However, now that New York has implemented this new rule to distinguish COVID numbers, who is to say other states (including Indiana) needs to do the same?

Tony Katz says this move in NY proves we should be questioning how our state reports numbers.

 “There is no doubt that the data that we have is absolutely positively deceptive.”

So maybe instead of calling Rokita out for claiming fraud, we should look rationally at how better to report COVID cases.

Check out Tony’s full take here: