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INDIANAPOLIS — There is a plan in place if COVID happens to interfere with teams being able to take the field for the College Football Playoff in January.

City leaders and the host committee say they are still planning to host concerts and other events ahead of the big game that is supposed to happen on Jan. 10 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Here’s how the committee said it’s preparing to manage the pandemic during the playoffs:

  • If a team in the semifinals can’t play because of COVID-19, that team will forfeit and the other will move on.
  • If both teams can’t play, the team winning the other semifinal would be declared the national champion.
  • If three of the four teams can’t play, the one that will be declared national champion.
  • If a team makes it to the national championship and ends up not being able to play, the game can be rescheduled, but no later than –Jan. 14.
  • If a team still can’t play, they will forfeit and the other team will be crowned national champion.
  • If neither team can play due to the virus, there will be no national champion this year.

All four teams in the playoff, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, and Cincinnati, are all still slated to play their respective playoff semi-finals on Dec. 31. #1 Alabama will face #4 Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl. #2 Michigan has #3 Georgia in the Orange Bowl.