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Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to double down on his memo pushing the DOJ and FBI on concerned parents at school board meetings. Garland claimed they are concerned about the rising violence and threats of violence towards school board officials.

The National School Boards Association has since apologized for their letter that inspired Garland’s memo demonizing parents who have been protesting at school board meetings.

Even though Garland still cannot cite specific examples of threats of violence towards school board officials, he stands by his memo expressing concern of just that.

William Jacobson, head of Legal Insurrection, talked with Tony Katz about why the federal government decided to interject themselves to begin with.

This was a shot across the bow of a rising movement from the country, which is a parental movement, trying to create the argument for local officials to use that they are threats and potential terrorist… because this parental movement is a huge threat to the Democratic Party.

Jacobson says Garland needs to resign, if not be impeached.

AG Garland has been questioned by several Senators this week including Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley.