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CARMEL, Ind. — Plans to demolish an outdoor amphitheater in Carmel are being called off.

The city planned to tear down the amphitheater and replace it with a temporary winter pavilion.

Members of the Carmel Rotary Club, which paid for the facility about ten years ago, protested. Leaders of the Farmers Market, which uses the space to sell its wares, also voiced opposition to the plan.

Mayor Jim Brainard on Thursday took responsibility for “poor communication” with the Rotary Club and Farmers Market and demolition work was halted, according to the Hamilton County Reporter.

According to the Reporter, the Rotary Club paid $100,000 for the amphitheater and donated it to the community in 2011. Former Rotary president Judy Hagan told the newspaper it would be a “waste” to have it removed.

The city has not said what it plans to do about the temporary winter pavilion.