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CARMEL, Ind. — Indiana school districts are facing staffing shortages.

Students are getting ready to head back to school, but many school districts still need bus drivers and food service employees.

“This is something all school districts across the country are facing,” said Gary Clevenger, assistant director of Facilities and Transportation at Carmel Clay Schools. “At the beginning of last year, before we started, we were already 30 down. We lost another 20 just not coming back due to the pandemic.”

He said the district wants to hire 40 to 50 bus drivers and another 15 in food services.

“I could hire 40 drivers today and have every one of them on the road when we start school. If I had 50 drivers I could have 10 on standby,” he said. “Yeah, we are very short, but we are making it work.”

Jennifer McFarland, the director of Food and Nutrition Services at Carmel Clay Schools, told WISH-TV there’s a nationwide shortage of employees in food service.

“In years past, we usually have a few positions to fill, but not to the volume we are experiencing now,” she said. “So, this year we do have double the positions open than we have had in years past. So, I think just the volume we are trying to recruit and onboard is higher than normal.”

The jobs are on a 180-day schedule, with flexible hours and summers off. Carmel said the pay for food services starts at $13.83 an hour and goes up to $16. Bus drivers for the district start at $110.50 a day and can go up to $115.50.

People interested in applying to the following school districts can do so online:

Carmel Clay Schools – Apply here

Avon – Apply here

Perry Township – Apply here

Wayne Township – Apply here