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INDIANAPOLIS — You’ve probably noticed the sky being hazy and smoky this week. It’s caused by smoke in the atmosphere, coming from large wildfires out west.

“Those winds then filter it across the country, and the way the flow is going, there is a large plume of smoke in, mostly, the mid-levels of the atmosphere,” said Marcus Bailey, a meteorologist at WISH-TV. “A large majority of the country is dealing with this smoke.”

Bailey says if it weren’t for the smoke, we would be seeing bright blue skies every day this week, but instead, it’s been a “milky white” sky, as he describes it. That’s why sunrises and sunsets have looked different this week too.

He says things will change this weekend when warm air will push from the south, rather than the west. However, that means it’s going to get hot this weekend.

“We’re talking temperatures surging close to 90 degrees, but the humidity returns, which means heat indices, those ‘feel-like’ temperatures, will be close to the upper 90s or even 100 degrees.”

Bailey adds that there will be a chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms this weekend too, but no threat for severe weather, and no need to completely cancel any plans you might have.