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WASHINGTON, D.C.–America should be spending money on defeating China’s plans, and maybe not so much on the proposed infrastructure plan, says Sen. Todd Young.

“I actually am glad the president is taking the threat of China, its military adventurism, its economic predation against the United States, our partners and our allies and many of its neighbors seriously,” said Young, on Fox News Thursday morning.

But, he said what America needs is to fund what he calls a “national security-related counterpunch”.

“We don’t need to pass a massive $2 trillion infrastructure bill, 25 percent, by some accounts, actually contains infrastructure,” he said.

Young said America needs to make some national security investments, separate from any that might be included with the infrastructure plan, “in 21st century technologies, things like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and robotics.”

Young said such investments will help American workers, and grow the economy to outcompete the Chinese, and help raise military strength.