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INDIANAPOLIS — Of the 1,241 businesses that have been cited for health violations during the coronavirus pandemic in the last year, only 10 have had to pay a fine to the Marion County Health Department.

Though the pandemic is starting to ease up a bit and local leaders all throughout the state are starting to loosen restrictions, such as mask mandates, in Marion County health director Dr. Virginia Caine said they are still going to keep looking out for violators.

“We will continue to have additional staff conducting surveillance, spot checks in and around the downtown area, working with our business partners to help them operate safely within the constructs of our public health order,” she said during her latest briefing.

Of the 1,200 businesses cited in Marion County, only 34 are not food establishments, and 22 businesses have been taken to court by the health department in order to seek payment of fines levied on those businesses.

The Speedrome, three fast-food restaurants, one barbershop, and a few gas stations and bars have been fined.