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STATEWIDE–The National Weather Service in Indianapolis says there will be above average temperatures and periods of heavier than normal rainfall all across the state this spring.

The normal high temperature for March is 51. The typical high temperature in April is 63. In May, the normal high temperature in Indiana is around 72.

“So when we talk about better chances for above normal, we’re generally talking about when you average all of those temperatures together, we’re going to have better chances to be above those values,” said Jason Puma, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. “That might mean in March, we’ll have a few more days in the 60s, in April we may temperatures in the 70s, and possibly temperatures in the 80s.”

As for the rain, Puma expects there to be about 3-4 inches of rain in March and April with the rain totals near 5 inches in May.

“That doesn’t mean it’s going to rain every day. It just means that when we add up the numbers at the end of those months, we’ll probably be on the higher side of those averages,” said Puma. “Everything across the state is kind of uniform, so what I’m telling you for Indianapolis would still apply to places further north like South Bend and other places further south to Evansville and Louisville.”

You also can become a storm spotter for the National Weather Service.

“We really depend on those folks to help us issue those severe weather warnings. Now is the time to get trained. We’re offering online training for that. Those sessions are free,” said Puma. That’s about an hour and a half course.”

You can sign up for that at