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INDIANAPOLIS — Police are looking for the person who raped and robbed an Indianapolis woman at gunpoint on Feb. 21 in her downtown apartment at The Vue Luxury Apartments.

A neighbor who lives in the building in the 700 block of East Georgia Street, Megan Modesitt, said residents are shocked about what happened. “I feel obviously a girl getting raped in an apartment is something you should know about that.”

According to a police report, the suspect left with the victim’s pink purse and more than $3,000 in cash. Modesitt has lived there for six months. She said she can’t believe it would happen there.

“It’s a very quiet place here. They clean up here. It’s actually very nice and welcoming. I never had any issues living here,” Modesitt said.

Modesitt knows the trauma of a vicious crime. Several people in her life are rape survivors.

“It’s horrible. I would never want anyone to go through that. I had a friend go through it. It’s an experience that a girl or even a boy should never go through. It’s a horrible thing. You should never do that to someone,” Modesitt said.

She said she hopes the apartment building will make changes to increase safety. “They need more cameras, but you need to be more cautious toward people because you can’t trust anyone but yourself these days.”

The apartment leasing office operators declined to comment on any plans to increase security.